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Project Think Forward


ProjecThinkFoward is unlike any organization you have seen before. Our nonprofit organization aims to bring optimal wellness to both individuals and the community at large by sponsoring health, healing, and happiness through individual therapy, group therapy, social events, and various holistic means.

Our Philosophy

2020 introduced all with some unprecedented times; and brought to life one of the largest pandemics in history. We live in times of uncertainty, hatred, loneliness, and such division. ProjecThinkForward is committed to promoting optimal health and wellness by changing the stigma surrounding mental health and connecting those in need with the right resources. We have been taught “treat people how you want to be treated”, so we are. We are treating people with dignity, respect, and compassion. We hope to show the world that when we work together to help those in need, we all thrive. If a simple drop of water can cause a ripple effect, imagine what an entire community can accomplish together. Some have gone far & want to go further, others are stuck & don’t know how to get unstuck. We realize many individuals have a desire to grow, heal, & accomplish big dreams yet somehow get lost along the way. We want to help you achieve your biggest & wildest dreams! If we can simply help improve the world of one individual they will in turn be able to impact others in their world, thus creating a chain reaction. The biggest question is how can we help impact your world today?!

Our Mission

Our mission is to change the negative stigma surrounding mental health and wellness through sponsoring individualized therapy, group therapy, education, advocacy, and peer support. We desire to show people a little help can go a long way and that we can all work to obtain a happy, healthy, and successful life.

As our goal is to help as many individuals as possible we have worked tireless raising funds for those in need as well as partnered with many amazing individuals who have graciously donated their time and their energy to help our cause! This year alone we will be able to impact more than 250 lives! Our nonprofit is focused on serving those in need who cannot afford it, may not have the support systems in place to take the next steps, or who have struggled to find the right resources. We work one-on-one to help provide those in need with the best services and resources possible to get on track and moving forward! With our hand-picked network of skilled and certified therapists, we made sure they all instill our values of passion, fun, professionalism, and accountability across all aspects. Together we can change our world

Holistic Remedies

Aside from our sponsored therapy we offer, we also have a team of holistic coaches and massage therapists on board who offer different remedies such as, aromatherapy, reflexology, yoga, and meditation. We believe the human body is a temple, and that if you put the correct things inside of it, it can heal and prosper all in itself. With our monthly yoga events and meditation circles, we connect you not only with mental exercises but also breathing exercises, to help with anxiety and depression.

How Can You Help Us?

Will you help support our cause? We could use your help through sponsorship, event hosting, donations, and more! We are always looking to meet and work with amazing people who align with our values of passion, fun, professionalism, and accountability to make a difference in the world around us. We truly believe anyone can make a difference so why not you! If you are interested, please email us [email protected] & make sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram @projecthinkforward as well as our website we cannot wait to connect with you!


Whether you are enjoying one of the large quarterly festivals or relaxing in the park at one of the monthly movies, the community is full of life and a variety of family-friendly activities.

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