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Avalon Park Single Family Homes


Single Family Home Avalon Park OrlandoLive

Once upon a time, we lived in a close-knit community where anything we needed was up the street. Our kids walked to school, the office was a few blocks away, and the doctor, the dressmaker, and dinner out could be found downtown. Safe inside this kind of community, we thrived for generations.

Avalon Park Orlando is this reimagined small-town life; a nostalgic neighborhood with modern convenience. Here, there’s a “home sweet home” for everyone. Apartments and townhouses, first homes and custom builds, flats above your shop, mother-in-law-suites, and assisted living when you need it.


Whether you are enjoying one of the large quarterly festivals or relaxing in the park at one of the monthly movies, the community is full of life and a variety of family-friendly activities.

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