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National Small Business Week

May 2nd kicks off the beginning of National Small Business Week 2022.  According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, “SBA” this is a week to celebrate the resiliency and tenacity of America’s entrepreneurs.  Businesses can access tools and information to further economic growth, strengthen supply chains and deliver products and services during the NSBW Virtual Summit.   In Avalon Park, we celebrate small businesses every day!  Located in the heart of the community, Downtown Avalon Park is home to shops and restaurants that help unify the town. There is something for everyone to enjoy, whether you are in the mood for a delicious plate of homemade French Toast from Nuno’s Café or a one-of-a-kind glass of wine from Brix & Mortar, Avalon Park is the place to be. Our small businesses separate us from other towns, in Avalon Park you can walk down the street and have a conversation with the owners of all our restaurants and shops. In honor of Small Business Week, here is a little glimpse of the behind the scenes and how we can support them as a community.


If you can believe it, there are over 150 small businesses in Avalon Park. Nestled above the store fronts, you will find so much more. From medical offices to photography studios to coworking space. Things you didn’t even know were in Avalon Park are in your own backyard! Sunshine Ankle & Foot, our local podiatrist, is family owned and operated, Kossina Creative Photography, our photography studio is run and managed by the founder, Mejana Mediterranean Grill is operated by the owners. The list goes on and on. These small businesses thrive off the support of residents and visitors of Avalon Park.


Every type of small business is welcome here in Avalon Park! Some of which have been in the area since Avalon Park was developed like the Avalon Park Cleaners, the first business to open its doors here is still here today and is operated by the owners. The Avalon Mail Center is another small business that has grown here and has dipped into other avenues to support the residents. The owner of the Avalon Mail Center has created clubs for students and has even written an article to help small businesses like his survive during this economy. If you walk into the Marketplace at Avalon Park, you will find the owner of each of the vendors working at their restaurant or store, and at many of the locations, you will find their families’ working there as well. All of this makes Avalon Park special; it makes feel like you belong.


Each week, one business is highlighted as the “Business of the Week,” where they are put out front and center in all of our advertising mediums. The business gets 7 posts on all of our social media channels @AvalonParkOrlando, a blog about their business and how to contact them posted on our website, we do a Facebook Live tour of their space and a Q/A with them, and they also get to have a message on the front marquee sign by Avalon Lake. Avalon Park Orlando offers complimentary advertising and marketing services for our neighborhood businesses to support them and make our town successful.  When you see the business of the week being highlighted, it is a great opportunity to support a local business that you may have not visited before or support a favorite again!  Supporting them with a positive review is also always welcome. After all, we are all part of the same community!


In Avalon Park, we love small businesses and we’re always welcoming new businesses to grow our town. If you are looking to start your own business or relocate a current business, we would love to welcome you to our community. Visit our website for more information on leasing and how to get started growing your small business in Downtown Avalon Park.  #ILoveAvalonPark



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