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Celebrate World Gin Day in Avalon Park

Celebrate World Gin Day in Downtown Avalon Park

Gin may have been the product of accident rather than design, but it’s undeniably been a popular tipple for over 400 years now and has even earned itself an international holiday – World Gin Day, which was created to celebrate all things gin! June 11th marks the day when gin lovers all over the world raise their glasses and rejoice in their favorite spirit’s glory. While you can certainly celebrate World Gin Day in your own home, why not take it up a notch and head out to one of the many local bars around town? Here are a few places that specialize in gin drinks, so you can toast to gin at each of them!

The 1 Cantina
3801 Avalon Park East Blvd (Inside the Marketplace at Avalon Park)

The 1 Cantina, a Mexican restaurant and bar in Avalon Park with a spectacular night scene. They have a variety of mixed drinks that would make you want to come back. They have created a special gin drink to celebrate world gin day! It is Sloe gin and St. Germain liquor with a little bit of lemon and lime juice, which is refreshing and perfect for grabbing a few drinks out on the town.

Game On
12001 Avalon Lake Drive, Ste. D

Game On is a bar and grill in Avalon Park with pool, darts, video games, live music and events and air-fried food. They have an assortment of mixed drinks that will tempt you to come back for more. They have created a couple of specialty gin drinks to help you celebrate world gin day!  You don’t have to wait until June 11th to try the Georgia Gin or the Pineapple Sunkissed!


You can can always opt for the traditional Gin and Tonic of Gin Martini at one of the other full-service bars in Downtown Avalon Park:  Eastside Bistro, Avalon Park Neighborhood Tavern & Pizzeria or A-Aki Sushi.


DIY Gin drinks from home

If you can’t make it out to celebrate world gin day at one of the local Avalon Park bars, swing by Avalon Liquor (or order them from Uber Eats) and pick up a bottle of gin, so that you can create some delicious drinks at home. Here is a drink The Flats thinks you’ll find tasty!

Greyhound Cocktail: This cocktail’s got a unique name and a beautiful pale pink color! Just grapefruit juice and gin make one tangy and refreshing cocktail! It’s got a light summery vibe, but it also works in winter when citrus abounds.

For more gin drink ideas, visit the link below.


A special thank you to The Flats at Avalon Park for putting together this guide on how to celebrate National Gin Day in Downtown Avalon Park.  For more information on leasing at The Flats and living just an elevator ride from these local bars click here or call our leasing office at (407) 273-4337.


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