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Business of the Week: Non-Profit Enthusiast

By: Lasheena Williams, MNM, CNP 

Chief Enthusiast Officer, Nonprofit Enthusiast

As Walter Payton says “Alone we are strong. Together we are stronger” As a resident of Avalon Park it is with such great honor to be a part of a community that embraces the art of giving. Leading us to make Avalon Park the home of our Premier Consulting Firm, Nonprofit Enthusiast. 

Nonprofit Enthusiast is a premier full-service consulting firm with a goal to empower nonprofits with resources to help sustain their work and effectively implement solutions to solve community-wide issues. It’s our top priority to support nonprofits in serving their communities and enhancing the experience of those they serve. In just one year we’ve had the pleasure of helping over 400 nonprofit leaders nationwide! Each nonprofit we work with serves as a reminder for why it’s so important to give back to the community.

What Does Giving Mean to Me?

To give is defined as, “to present voluntarily and without expecting compensation.” [i]

Take a moment and complete this sentence: I chose a life of giving because…

For me, I chose a life of giving because someone gave to me. Without the generosity of my family, friends, teachers, colleagues, and strangers, I would not be who I am today. I am forever grateful and continue to give in the hopes of having the same impact on others. 

Benefits of Giving

As we face these difficult times, it’s easy to get caught up in our own needs. But it’s important we remember to give to others. Whether you are raising funds for a meaningful cause or donating your time and services to those in need; there are benefits to your mind, body, and spirit by practicing the act of giving. Numerous studies demonstrate the benefits of giving to your health. According to Cleveland Clinic,  giving can:

  • Lower your blood pressure.
  • Increase your self-esteem.
  • Result in less depression.
  • Lower your stress levels.
  • Support living a longer life.
  • Result in greater happiness and satisfaction.ii

 Ways to Give

 Here are some ways you can give:

   Give of Your Time – Giving of your time is just as valuable as giving of your money. Giving of your time looks different for everyone. It  could mean volunteering with an organization, giving a compliment to someone, performing a random act of kindness, or even promoting a cause on your social media pages.

   Give of Your Talent – Donate your services or talents to others. If you are an artist, you may choose to teach an art class for a group of youth. Or if you are a Human Resource professional, you may volunteer to conduct resume reviews for teens. No matter what your talent may be, there is an organization or individual in need of your support.

   Give of Your Treasure – You may elect to give a monetary donation, whether it’s a one-time or recurring donation. Or maybe host a fundraiser asking your friends to match your giving.

Looking for ways to give? Reach out to the Nonprofit Enthusaist team! We’d love to connect you to opportunities in the community based on your skills and interests. Feel free to email us at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Together we can make a difference in the Avalon community.

[i] “Give Definition & Meaning.”,,

ii“Why Giving Is Good for Your Health.” Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, 30 Nov. 2020,



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