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Business of the Week: B2Nature Chiropractic

Back2Nature Chiropractic
A Place to Breathe

Our Mission:

  • What do we stand for?

We empower individuals through the application of chiropractic care, to live the best and most impactful lives, by embracing that our bodies, in their optimal state, are built to function perfectly.

Our Plan:

  • What do we do?

We assess the health of the spine and nervous system through the use of X-ray, detailed neurological exam, hands-on palpation and techniques such as Applied Kinesiology. This approach allows the doctor to see certain adaptations the body has adopted due to the normal stresses of life. Your chiropractor is trained in bringing balance back to the nervous system and in restoring optimal function so that the body is capable of ideal fitness and adaptability to the stresses life puts on it. Come in today and experience the joy and freedom chiropractic care brings.


  • What can we do for you?

People commonly come in because of pain, whether it is pain in the back, neck, shoulders, hips, knees, or ankles, but chiropractic care doesn’t stop at just alleviating pain.  By implementing chiropractic care through techniques such as adjusting, soft tissue release, meridian balancing, and nutritional advice, proper function and balancing of the nervous system is gained.

Example of how our nervous system works:

Our bodies have learned memories/coordinations on how to operate our joints. Our brains develop these coordinations as we grow up, just like crawling to walking to running.  Let’s use a pitcher’s coordination as an example.

A pitcher has highly tuned muscle memories on how to throw. Say the pitcher slightly “pulls” one of the 4 rotator cuff muscles in his/her shoulder while throwing. The nervous system does a great job of adapting to the functional loss by recruiting the other 3 muscles or teammates to come in and cover for the “pulled” muscle. Functionally the shoulder is still working and most likely no pain is felt at this time…the shoulder has adapted, as it should. The problem comes when the pitcher continues to throw with that “pulled” muscle. The 3 teammates that are working overtime aren’t designed to do the job of the “pulled” muscle and they either fatigue or get hurt themselves. Either way, we now have pain or loss of proper function.

Chiropractors have various ways to assess and treat the loss of function in this example. No matter the treatment the end goal is to get the original “pulled” muscle back in the game so-to- speak. Chiropractors are trained to do this.

To bring the more traditional application of chiropractic into view, chiropractors are known for adjusting what is known as a subluxation of the spine, which is a body reaction that has happened due to a stress put upon it, be it physical, mental, or chemical. With the above example in mind, a subluxation is like the “pulled” muscle. The body has adapted and without addressing the cause of the adaption (the subluxation in this case) it can’t operate optimally. Adaptations are occurring to allow normal function but the team isn’t working as well as it should. It should also be noted that pain is the last sign that dysfunction has occurred, not the first! It’s the body’s red alert system to keep further damage from happening.


As chiropractors, we are trained to be able to assess whether the nervous system is in an adapted state (i.e. one of the teammates is not doing its job). By implementing the techniques mentioned previously, chiropractic care is able to tap into our body’s built-in checks-and-balances “reset” functions.

Treatment Plan:

  •  How often or how long is it going to take?

Our bodies are just like our brains when it comes to memory or behavior change. When we try to change our behavior or try to memorize something, doing something once is hardly ever truly effective. We are stubborn beings! Good habits, wherever they are in our lives, take time to develop, especially if we have a habit already in place that we are trying to change. Regular chiropractic care reinforces proper nervous system function making sure the whole team is working, and enforcing good habits in our nervous system’s checks-and-balances. In our office, we have seen the most successful results when patients undergo two stages of care.


After the initial meeting with the doctor (1st appointment) to address whether chiropractic care is appropriate, ACTIVE CARE goes for 6-8 weeks. This can differ based on patient’s type of complaint, how long the complaint has been around, the patient’s health history, etc. Note: The primary goal in the ACTIVE CARE stage is to change the adaptive neuronal habits that have developed. Each visit builds on the previous, just like going to the gym, so frequency or repetition is necessary. However, because each of us is individually unique, and we know more goes into healing than just a diagnosis and treatment plan, your doctor will discuss your individual care plan with you.


After active care has been completed you have the option to continue into stage 2. The typical recommendation is anywhere from once a week to once a month. Again depending on the patient and what they are looking to accomplish, (i.e. get out of pain versus continued maintenance of health). This second stage may not be for you, and we understand. Ultimately once out of active care, chiropractic care is a lifestyle choice and more importantly your choice!

One of our doctors, Dr. Addison O’Day states, “Speaking as both a patient and a practitioner I must say, at this point most patients have seen the value of what chiropractic care has to offer and choose to continue care. I commonly like to say,

“Pain relief is a side effect of chiropractic care; it’s not the primary goal. The optimal balance of the nervous system is the goal! With balance comes resilience (or a high level of adaptability) so that when a stress is encountered, over-reaction doesn’t occur.”

This brings our mission statement full circle:

Our Mission:

We empower individuals through the application of chiropractic care, to live the best and most impactful lives, by embracing that our bodies, in their optimal state, are built to function perfectly.

For more information on B2Nature Chiropractic:

13013 Founder’s Square Drive, #120
Orlando, FL 32828


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